Strategic Planning

Once every 3 years the Columbia Basin Family Resource Society creates a plan full of goals to make our agency better for the people we serve and the people we work with. We always value feedback so please contact us if you have any questions or items for us to consider in our next Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals


The CBFRS will deliver on its mission by means of the following strategic goals:

Goal Area One:

Improve Human Resources Capacity – Enhance our hiring, training, and employee recognition process.

  • Implement employee recognition system- service awards.
  • Organize a team building event as part of work time.  
  • Create a staff mentorship program.
  • Review budgets to identify maximum pay and benefit options for staff.
  • Determine what growth opportunities for staff there are within the organization. Promote growth opportunities when advertising jobs. Explore upon hiring and ongoing with staff members.
  • Review administrative infrastructure to ensure that it is aligned with services and capable of providing adequate support to front line staff.

Goal Area Two:

Grow our Services – Identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities for growth consistent with community needs.

  • Maintain partnership with men’s pilot outreach program.
  • In partnership, measure success of men’s pilot outreach program. Determine if it is viable to move forward with.
  • Determine if CBFRS will be organization to take on administration of men’s program.
  • Secure funding for 2020/2021 if CBFRS is administering program.
  • Hire personnel and run program for 2020/21.
  • Determine how many more hours CBFRS wants to provide for preventative family support and children and youth care in a year.
  • Determine if that would require hiring more staff and how many more staff.
  • Create an annual budget for preventative hours.
  • Establish a funding source

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