Guiding Principles

  • CBFRS is open to all families, recognizing that all families deserve support
  • CBFRS values the voluntary nature of participation in their programs and services
  • CBFRS compliments existing services, builds networks and linkages, and advocates for policies, services and systems that support families’ abilities to raise healthy children
  • CBFRS works in partnership with families and communities to meet expressed needs
  • CBFRS promotes relationships based on equality and respect for diversity. CBFRS advocates non-violence to ensure safety and security for all family members and to work towards power-with versus power-over dynamics
  • CBFRS focuses on the promotion of wellness and uses a prevention approach in their work
  • CBFRS operates from an ecological perspective that recognizes the interdependent nature of families’ lives
  • CBFRS values and encourages mutual assistance and peer support
  • CBFRS affirms parenting to be a lifelong process
  • CBFRS continually seeks to improve their practices by reflecting on what they do and how they do it
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