Support for People with Disabilities

We provide one-on-one and group support to children and adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our programs are tailored to each individual’s strengths, needs, preferences, and goals.

Community Living Adults

We work one-on-one with people who qualify for Community Living BC services by offering support in finding housing, employment, education, as well as encouraging community involvement. For some clients the service is needed to assist them in staying in their own home. Other times the service is needed to include them in the community and provide opportunities for social growth and activity.

Referrals to this program are made directly from Community Living BC to find out if you or a family member qualifies give them a call at 250-426-1282

Life Skills Group

The goal of Lifeskills Group is to give personal autonomy, individuality and independence to adults who qualify for Community Living Services. It teaches multiple skills for everyday living, allows attendees to participate in different activities, builds strong friendships among those who participate, and provides fun and educational field trips to gain new  experiences.

Children and Youth with Supported Needs (CYSN)

CYSN refers to children and youth up to 19 years of age who require additional educational, medical/health, and social/ environmental support to enhance or improve their health, development, learning, quality of life, participation and community inclusion. We provide one to one services for children, youth and their families who qualify for services through the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). Your individual goals are determined through your input as our client, as well as your family and the social workers. For more information or to be referred contact MCFD 250-423-5311

For more information on any of our services for people with disabilities Contact us for more information

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